• Wanita Brassey


    "Being in the Studio is the best feeling ever.

    Walking out feeling like a whole new person! Thank you for making me feel so much better about my hair and boosting my self confidence"

  • Adell Samuel


    "Almost 6 years that I've been using The Extension Studio for my haircare needs and every time I leave the studio I am satisifed.

    The staff are friendly and welcoming, and they go above and beyond to make sure I'm well taken care of.

    Highly recommend The Extension Studio."

  • Chelsea Robyn Mari


    "The Extension Studio has been my second home for the past 5 years.

    Being quite a nervous wreck when it comes to my hair, they have always taken great care of me and have always given me the best advice. Excellent Customer Service!

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"What happened to your hair?"

We're hair for you. So, the next time someone asks, you'll have the confidence to stop, smile and answer.

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